1True Health Technology

Mission & Vision

The Mission of 1 True Health – Technology is to empower the individual to access, manage, and share their health information by providing a secure, distributed, consumer-focused Personal Health Record (PHR) and Comprehensive Care Plan (CCP) comprised of historical, encounter-based, and real-time health data as well as disease surveillance information.

There has never been a time where access to a complete health record was more important than today. The COVID-19 pandemic has hyper-focused the world on personal Health and Wellness, disease prevention, and social determinants of health. Individuals (or their caregivers) need secure, easy access to health information and a method of monitoring for the signs/symptoms that indicate a potential disease threat to themselves or similar populations.

Our Vision is to provide individuals with a comprehensive picture of their health, including:

1 True Health – Technology delivers this solution. We empower the individual to manage his/her health. We help the individual to better engage in Care Plans and health/wellness programs. We identify the signs and symptoms that indicate vulnerabilities to infectious diseases, reveal chronic or acute conditions, and help the individual personally manage routine, episodic, and chronic illnesses. And they can control it from their own home or any place around the world.

This fully consolidated picture of an individual’s health can be shared under the individual’s control and direction and to their benefit. Researchers, Payers, Employers, and other specialty groups can use this data to enhance outcomes measurement, disease management, and population health. The 1 True Health – Technology record will provide valuable insights across the entire healthcare delivery system.

There couldn’t be a better time for the 1 True Health technology solution: