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Why 1 True Health – Technology

Even in today’s connected world, there is insufficient access to current, accurate, clinically-relevant, and informative health-related and medical information. The individual (or caregiver) typically does not have a “full picture” of his/her health record nor an easy way to access, view, manage, and share that information. Patients must provide information previously furnished, such as a Patient History Form, a Medication List, or a Current Health Survey. When an individual experiences another clinical encounter, a Clinician or a Clinical Assistant must enter this information into an Electronic Health Record.

However, the individual doesn’t typically receive a copy of that medical record, nor can they access the information or understand its medical relevance. If an individual wants a copy of their health data, they either discuss it in person with their Physician or leave the patient encounter with a paper copy that likely isn’t clear to the individual.

The result is data duplication at every point of care, errors made from lack of information currency, and the patient’s inability to comply with the care plan established by their Healthcare Practitioner.

The COVID-19 Pandemic exacerbates this situation as individuals (especially the elderly) are isolated, and in-person health encounters have dramatically declined. A technology is needed to bring care and health visibility to the individual at home.

The Healthcare Practitioner doesn’t have an accurate and complete medical record and often relies on outdated and incomplete historical reports. Further, Electronic Health Record used by the provider for clinical documentation imposes a structured input process that limits his/her ability to document relevant details regarding the encounter with the individual.

Finally, the Healthcare Practitioner struggles to communicate a Care Plan with the patient effectively. Unless the patient is seen again in another clinical encounter, the provider has very little knowledge of the patient’s engagement and compliance with a prescribed Care Plan. The process is cumbersome, archaic, and results in missed diagnoses and repeated clinical encounters.

What if a technology gathers and consolidates health information from all sources and care points such as historical data, past clinical encounters, real-time data from wearables, and local disease surveillance/contact tracing? What if you could see a full picture of an individual’s Personal Health Record? What if a person could view, manage, and securely share their data with whomever they choose and receive financial benefits? How much more relevant data would be available to Researchers/Payers for better outcomes and improved population health?

What if you enhanced communication and collaboration between patients and Healthcare Practitioner across all clinical specialties with the industry’s latest tools? What if technology with integrated and intuitive Care Plans supported compliance and rewarded people for healthy behaviors? How many “return encounters” would be reduced?

Fortunately, there is a Solution! 1 True Health – Technology has designed a technology focused on personal health management, patient engagement, population health, and disease surveillance. Our goal is to improve care delivery, inform and empower individuals, protect the most vulnerable, and drive better health outcomes. With the COVID-19 pandemic threat the world is facing, 1 True Health – Technology will positively affect lives while capitalizing on the extreme attention given to Health and Wellness.

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